Bring out your dead

Entering the forest

Diary Entry

We entered the forest searching for the Book of Culhwch. There is a sage that is studying the effects of the spellplague north of Delthuntle. Mari said he was done with the book and we were tasked to take the book to the buyer even further north. Mari gave us 100 gold pieces to give to him for the book. The buyer has already paid for the book and he will pay us 60 gold pieces each for transporting the book.

Mari paired me with an odd group of people. A Tiefling Rouge, Gensi Swordmage, Elven Druid, Elven Ranger and outside the town Mari asked us to pick up a Minotaur Cleric. I thought working with the elves was odd, but a Minotaur? Just odd in my mind but he does serve the Raven Queen so he either killed a cleric of the Raven Queen, bad move if he did, or he is trustworthy enough.

We started through the forest and we were jumped by a group of orcs that were in elven territory. They were screaming something at the Tiefling saying he must have done it and then attacked. They knocked him a good one and he was out for the first half of the fight. We beat them down and they were not carrying much just some tattered armor. One of them was carrying what looked to be some zombified fingers.

Why would they be carrying zombified fingers?

We continued our trip to the north and the cleric said that he had to investigate a large set of tracks. We went with the cleric and found a large group of orc zombies attacking an elf. We did not arrive in time to save the elf but we killed all of the zombies quite easily. The Ranger picked up bow that seems to have a bonus to humans. Why is an elf carrying this a around?

Mari's Job

As you approach the crowded marketplace in Delthuntle that Mari makes her home while she is here. You can still smell the salty and fishy air from the wharf.

There is a long line of people who are waiting to speak to Mari. Some of them are dressed in armor in varying states of repair and armed with farm tools. Mari’s request attracted quite a group of people who want to be adventures but very few people look up to a challenge. As you walk to the back of the line you notice a boy not quite yet a man standing a near the back of the line. His shoulders are broadening and you can sense an excitement as he waits his turn to speak to Mari.

He sees you and immediately knows that you will make one of the spots that Mari is looking to fill.

“Hey, my name is Erthal. You look like you are strong enough to get picked. Would you take me with you? My father is a sailor on the ship Heavynet.”

Your answer gets interrupted as the line moves forward.

So it begins...
Today is not a good day to die!

You have heard rumors that in some places that the dead are rising. You have also heard that there is a candy mountain. You can’t trust all the rumors you hear.

You have heard that Mari is looking for adventures to track an item down for one of her clients. You just happen to be short on coin and large on free time. What will happen next?


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