Bring out your dead

Mari's Job

As you approach the crowded marketplace in Delthuntle that Mari makes her home while she is here. You can still smell the salty and fishy air from the wharf.

There is a long line of people who are waiting to speak to Mari. Some of them are dressed in armor in varying states of repair and armed with farm tools. Mari’s request attracted quite a group of people who want to be adventures but very few people look up to a challenge. As you walk to the back of the line you notice a boy not quite yet a man standing a near the back of the line. His shoulders are broadening and you can sense an excitement as he waits his turn to speak to Mari.

He sees you and immediately knows that you will make one of the spots that Mari is looking to fill.

“Hey, my name is Erthal. You look like you are strong enough to get picked. Would you take me with you? My father is a sailor on the ship Heavynet.”

Your answer gets interrupted as the line moves forward.



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